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Who We Are ?

I definitely know that you have heard that many people make huge sums of money in the stock trading and you are baffled why you are not making that kind of wealth. You are jealous!

In fact you came to the stock market to make regular daily income of 2,000, 5,000, 10,000/-. Good idea!

You can fulfill all your dreams by just sitting in front of the screen for few hours and that too 5 days a week! You want to make BIG! But the tragedy is that a vast majority of retail traders sit on the other side of fence. They lose money. While there are a handful of savvy traders who consistently make money in stock trading, money in millions, the retail traders slowly but steadily lose money, hard earned money!

Then you start cursing your luck, or think that the stock operators are taking you for a ride. You blame everyone else except yourself. But the bigger tragedy is the fact that you, as the retail trader, do not know that with proper stock trading system, which captures trend perfectly, you also can earn regularly in fact, few millions in few years only, but you are shunning away from using those profitable trading systems, just because such high end trading systems cost huge money. But if one rupee spent on proper system can bring home 100 rupees for you, isn’t it a proposal worth considering. Not a rocket science. But you want the proof and assurance.

We have such sure shot stock trading system, at ROCK BOTTOM PRICE! But dilemma for us is more intriguing. Because just by identifying such need of the retail traders, there comes a new breed of fly by night stock tips providers, con men, who, even though they have no knowledge, no proper tools, come to the market with a marketing websites and few phones and dubious advertising with fake testimonials of profitable calls, and lure the unsuspecting retail traders by promising the moon.

The end result is that the retail traders lose money in consultancy fees, they lose money by trading on the recommendation of such fake tipsters and also lose faith in the system. For the genuine system developers and service provider like us this is a great challenge. We don’t mind competition from genuine stock tips providers or genuine and profitable systems. Let the real successful win! But we only pray that no retail trader should succumb to false claims.

That is why our client base is loyal to us. They understand that we do not give fake result on the website even once. If we do such gimmick even once, we lose trust of our trusted clients. You understand that no stock trading system gives 100% successful results. Some trades along the line are bound to be loss making trades. But the bottom line at the end of month should be in dark green. Total profits should be in multiples of what you have paid as subscription for trading system plus what you have invested.

Our last 15 years record matches such expectation so far.

And we assure you, you will make handsome gains at the end of period. We feel in our hearts, how one feels when the trade goes in the wrong direction. We treat your money as ours in every positive sense. We care for your money and want it to multiply. But wait, I want you to know something else!

With hundreds of strategy workshop, which I took in India and abroad, with more than 3,000 loyal clients for our earlier trading systems, with interaction with hundreds of traders and seeing the market since 1971, I have something to share with you. It is not only the superior trading system, but the right selection of stocks and proper money management which ultimately decides whether you are going to make millions or go bust. And the reason. The reason is more than money. its psychological. You will come to know that ultimately by paying high price in terms of trial and error! Or you already have paid that price so far! One essential part I can share over here. But before that also you can start on the journey to millions by using ‘ManTraders’

I have seen that, there is such thing as a personality of a person.

Some traders are suited for short term positional trading system. They cannot sustain the daily ups and downs of hectic intra day trading, while some people mostly do not want to trade. They just invest once in mutual fund and do not look at it again, come what may. They are intelligent in their respective fields, but when it comes to financial literacy, they are literally illiterate.

While some people enjoy intra day trading, they do it without discipline. If their earlier experience of a trade is a loss making trade, then they get out of very profitable trade early on. Their fear of losing the profits, overrides their decision making capacity. Some people are carried away by lust, that, even if the trading system or every other indication is there starkly before them, they still hang on to a losing trade and lose in lakhs. They get paralyzed by the trade.

So first decide what kind of trader you are. Whether you want financial appreciation coupled with emotional depreciation, or you want safe profits! If you want safe and phenomenal profits with serenity, then our systems and calls will help you. Fortunately, you can take a test yourself! We have 4 channels or should I say 4 lane highway for making you a real MILLIONAIRE!

My philosophy is that market gives you the money, I am just the instrument and by Grace of Swami Swaroopanand, each of our client has become MILLIONAIRE MANYFOLD!