It all started after I left IIT Delhi. I completed my management studies and worked in 3 leading industrial houses in various capacities, from research scientist to a software systems designer, I felt stuck in my career. I developed some of the finest softwares independently and tried to market them. But due to inadequate anti-piracy system, my softwares became available for a fraction of the cost.

I was nervous. At that time I was very much fascinated by stock markets. I was observing the market since 1971 and used to visit the old and new buildings of BSE  quite often. I wondered with the crude and stealthy way, with which people were making huge sums of money. 

The idea stuck to me. There was no ‘Metastock’ or any other trading system in the Indian market in 1987. I thought, that if I make a good trading system, then people will be willing to buy and there will be huge market for it. Considering the piracy also, I can survive. I started developing the system. First, just a technical analysis system. By the time I completed the project, Metastock entered the market in a big way. So I developed an ‘Expert System’ based on rules. But it was not up to mark. So I started developing system based on Artificial  Intelligence modeling technique which was very new in 1999. The system gave so astounding results, that I did not sell it, but used myself. It was a self adjusting system, means it adjusted to market conditions automatically.

 After much testing in the live market, I decided to market the system. It had phenomenal success as far as the results, but due to heavy pricing (It was for Rs. 7 lakhs for a yearly license), i did not sell much. Besides, it was not easy to use and required much training.

 Then in 2004, I developed a easy to use system which I offered to people. It predicted all the major bull and bear phases correctly, including the now famous crash of 2008. For this reason I was specially interviewed by ‘Economic Times’. But again in 2013, I struck upon a very innovative improvisation. The results are way above any existing trading system in the market. So after extensive live testing, I am offering these new systems to people.

 I hold the notion that the market gives the money to people, not me! I just have to be honest to myself and to clients. The ‘Infosys’ strategy!

And our whole team also thinks like that!

We have trading systems based on Artificial Intelligence. We have conducted more than 200 workshops of stock profit tricks across India and abroad. We have excellent ebook of tricks which the retail traders can use immediately and profit

We are different!
We make real profits!!
Simply because we use powerful Artificial Intelligence based systems in our software to make predictions for  NSE (India) and Nasdaq Emini.

But why talk about me ?

  • No particular reason, except to let you know that the the person behind is really in blood and flesh!
  • You can judge the expertise by talking to us, know our integrity and mainly get confidence that you are in safe hands!
  • Its about honest submission and not drumming achievements.
  • But really speaking, our trading systems talk more loudly about us!




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