First Thing First…

The Rocking Performance Report …

Stock Calls (Sample Only)

We give only 1-2 calls every day so that you can concentrate more.

Calls given for stock futures, but you can trade in cash also at proper prices.

We do not publish every call given, so do not try to reverse engineer.

The package is for 15 calls which we cover in one month.

Remember that every day is not a trading day,

so do not expect call everyday.

Those who are trading with one lot and exiting at the first target given will earn around 25-40,000/- in a month considering failed calls and our fees.

The first target is considered for 3500 to 4000 profits,

but the second target and sl will be purely with analysis.

Intraday Trades everyday! This is a glimpse!

We do not publish each call, so that people should not reverse engineer!

Date Script In Futures Call Entry Price Target SL Result Lot Size Profit/Loss
21 Sept 2017 Glenmark Buy 635.95 641.30 633.25 SL Hit 700 -Rs. 1,890
13 Sept 2017 DivisLab Buy 822.10 834.30 814.10 Target Hit 800 Rs. 9,760
11 Sept 2017 BharatFin Buy 979 983.40 972.40 SL Hit 1000 -Rs. 6,600
6 Sept 2017 SunPharma Sell 475.40 471.50 478.50 Exit @ 473.40 800 Rs. 1,600
4 Sept 2017 AdaniPorts Sell 389.60 384.60 392 Target Hit 2500 Rs. 12,500
We did not give calls from 24th Aug to 2nd Sept 2017
22 Aug 2017 CenturyTex Sell 1192 1179 1197 Target Hit 550 Rs. 7,150
21 Aug 2017 Hexaware Sell 267.90 266.70 270.60 Target Hit 3000 Rs. 3,600
17 Aug 2017 PFC Buy 126.40 127.60 125.40 Target Hit 6000 Rs. 7,200
16 Aug 2017 TVSMotors Buy 576.10 580.40 572.30 Target Hit 2000 Rs. 8,600
10 Aug 2017 CadilaHC Sell 484.85 477.50 489.95 Target Hit 1600 Rs. 11.760
8 Aug 2017 IOC Sell 416 413.70 418.15 Target Hit 1500 Rs. 3,450
7 Aug 2017 Arvind Buy 384.10 390.6 381.6 Target Hit 2000 Rs. 13,000
4 Aug 2017 TataSteel Buy 572.30 577.30 570.10 Target Hit 2000 Rs. 10000
28 July 2017 Idea Buy 91.20 92.20 90.60 Target Hit 7000 Rs. 7000
27 July 2017 DLF Sell 196.60 195.40 196.90 Target Hit 5000 Rs. 6000
25 July 2017 PFC Sell 125.5 124.80 126.10 Target Hit 6000 Rs. 4200

Format of our calls

‘Buy TataSteel futures if crosses 572.30, Targets 577.30, 581.90, SL 570.10’

If you are trading with one lot then place the buying stop @ 572.30 and if order is executed, then place the targets and stops. If the first target is achieved, then put the sl to firs target and follow trailing stops. But if you are doing with 2 lots, then square up 1 lot at first target and follow the trailing stops.

If you are doing in cash scrips, then follow the relevant prices.

Similarly reverse for the sell call.

Stock market is nerve breaking game.

But if you are guided well,

then the rewards are mind boggling!

If you are serious …

about making fortune in stock market with day trading,

then you must have tried at least one from the following

You have tried to study fundamentals and also analyze the news, only to find that most of the potent news is already discounted in the price, i.e. the stock price has moves before the news reaches you. You never wanted to analyze 100 balance sheets to find that there are 45 which look good. And you naively believed the figures dressed up in the fundamental reports.

Then you have tried to study Technical Analysis by listening to the blah, blah talk of the analysts on the TV or by attending seminars and workshops and have found that it requires much more than only study to make reasonable predictions. And also there are so many conflicting signals at the same time that the study becomes useless. You find it confusing.

Then you may have subscribed to all those (100% success rate) type of tips providers (knowing fully that this is not possible in real life, but carried away by lucrative ads.) You never bothered to ask such people, if their predictions are so successful, then why they bother to sell it to others instead of trading themselves. You are duped right in front of your own eyes and probably washed your hands with few thousand rupees. There are hundreds of such fake people ready to grab your money.

Then the next genre is of the so called ‘Experts’ in the hope that that at least you will recoup your losses and the net result is that there is money transfer from you to the so called ‘Experts’.

If you have gone through any of the above perils, then you are here at the right time.

In our experience it requires more than 15 years of conscious efforts to master the stock market reasonably well. Its painful but essential!

But you need not wait that long, just because we have invested our time and efforts for you. We are the pioneers in India in Artificial Intelligence based prediction softwares since the time when no one ventured in this area. But do not take our word on the face value. Try our intra day calls for one day absolutely free. In this jungle of fly by night operators, we stand out because of our integrity.

Very Very Important

1. We do not give dubious calls without study.

2. We do not give large number of calls where you cannot take so many positions at the same time.

3. We know that we cannot give 100% accurate calls ( if anyone claims like that then may God grace him forever) But our results are meaningful such that at the end of month you definitely make very good profits, much much more that you imagine.

4. We ask you to follow strict money management.

5. If we give the call for futures scrip then you can very well take a position in cash market at prevalent prices.

6. We concentrate on only 60-80 liquid scrips only.

7. We give calls to complete execution. i.e. entry price targets and stops.

8. On the day when we are not in a position to give calls due to technical snags, we announce it in the morning and when we find that there is no dependable call on a particular day in spite of our best efforts, we inform all the clients accordingly around 3.15 p.m.

9. We give only 1-2 calls for intra day trading and occasionally ask to carry the position for the next day. But the second call will be given only after completion of first call so that your margin is freed.

10. We do not post fake results on our website.

11. Remember that every day is not a trading day. So we have designed our pack on 15 calls basis. These calls may be given within 15 to 23 days. We keep track of that and also at the end of your subscription period, you can always check with our records. Generally expect that around 15-16 calls out of 20 will be successful. Do not ask for any trial pack for lesser number of calls.

How do we do it?

We shortlist the stocks to watch at the end of a trading day, for the next day, based on our proprietary high end software based on Artificial Intelligence. When the market opens the next day and progresses, we track the scrips from this list as well as new scrips for opportunities. We also consider any prospective happening or news also for support of our original judgment. We also study the technicals of the scrip at that moment with our special indicators and when we are reasonably sure, we generate a buy or sell call.

We understand that intra day trading is typical. It is different than the long term investment or long term trading. Here, most of the players are carried away by emotions. There is a compulsion to square up the trade before the end of a trading day. There is over the shoulder trading. The stakes are high so the risks are high also. he savvy traders are pitted against the amateur traders.  

Normal technical analysis does not hold good for such short durations and as such gives many false signals because the sentiments vary very quickly. The trades are fast and as such unless you have firm grip on the market, it is difficult to make the judgment. It is not advisable to wait for the trend, momentum also is not well defined and all studied players come with a well thought out move. Secondly, the operators come into play. If a long term operator has a long position then he can very well play a days downplay so as to surprise everybody. A dip of 5-7 % may not make a long term difference to him, but the intra day players are losing. All this has to be considered while playing an intra day trading game.

We consider so many such things and as such our calls are extremely successful.

But why boast. A free trial is worth more than a thousand words!

We are offering a free trial for a day for Retail Clients pack Only. 

Daily 1 to 5%. Safe and sure intra day stock tips, Free trial,

First EARN and then decide!

Total Integrity!!!