New Nifty Systematic Trading Plan To Be Crorepati


In the nutshell

  • Guaranteed system to make > 3 Crore!
  • No knowledge of stock market necessary
  • Proven practical method
  • Just trade with discipline
  • And make more than 3 CRORES!


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Simple Steps To Turn 3 Lakhs To 3 Crores With ‘ManTraders’

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  • We Will Explain How To Trade
  • Follow The EOD Nifty Signal

‘HBC’ or ‘Hum Banenge Crorepati’ is not a rocket science but a mind boggling, systematic capital appreciation plan.

We have developed a very high end Artificial Intelligence trading system specially for Nifty and Bank Nifty futures. 

This is trailing stop based system. It has given more than 10000% (Yes 100 times) returns in actual trading for our control group in last five years.

But Wait, There is good news also!

You can achieve same results with our ‘ManTraders’ trading system, as we have specially incorporated trend trading system which we use for algo trading, in ‘ManTraders’

There will be about 25-50 trades per year and you just have to follow and trade as per the system and experience the miracle yourself!

This is peaceful trading, i.e. you do not have to worry about your trading. This is the way really rich people trade and make huge sums of money. This is possible for retail traders also!

Although we do not guarantee any results, we have always surpassed our estimations.

This is a sure profit plan. A unique type of plan! This will make you crorepati without going to KBC!

Now you will wonder what is that great system which will give me more than a crore!

As we know, we have to be realistic and practical. To achieve 1 crore rupees on paper is very easy, but in practice it is very difficult I must say. But those who stick to the total system with discipline should achieve those results.

Now if you consider earn even 400 points profit in Nifty per quarter, then you can achieve your target of 2 crores.

Here I have given simple matrix calculations of how much you can trade, how much you can keep aside for draw downs (loss making trades) and how much you can reinvest. Study it carefully and you will come to know that it is genuinely possible to earn 4 million in 2-3 years in the stock market and more than a crore in 4-5 years. We give full assistance in making a crore. Because we do not pay you, the market does!

The idea is not rocket science! You have to start small. Initially, do not make hurry. When you first earn equivalent to one lot of nifty margin, which might take 6 months, then you take out that amount, so that afterwards, you are playing with the profit money only. Then afterwards also, when you get profits equivalent to 2 lots of nifty, then take out profits of one lot and reinvest the profits of second lot. This way at any given point in time, you are taking out more than half the profits. This then becomes, peaceful way of trading. Just by doing this you can see in the following matrix, how you can make more than 2 crores, starting with just 1 lot of nifty. Of course, we are considering that there will be some loss making trades in between also. But if you can make net profit of around 1600 points in nifty, then the plan becomes successful as planned!

In practice, every year, with ‘ManTraders’ we have got more than 2000 points profits. And with our new sms based calls ‘Nifty Swaroop’, you get much more that because, these calls will be monitored by us personally!

Hundreds Of Traders Are On Their Way To Make Their First Crore In Life Each With This Unique Combination Of Foolproof Plan & Mind Technique!

You can join anytime with as low as 1 lot of Nifty! First Here Is Our Projection Matrix Starting With 1 Lot Of Nifty (Margin Assumed 90,000/- Per Lot. Investment Approx. 1,20,000/-) (Remember, the margin changes as per Nifty)


Here Is Our Projection Matrix Starting With 2 Lot Of Nifty (Margin Assumed 90,000/- Per Lot. Invest Approx. 2.40 Lakhs)(Remember, the margin changes as per Nifty)


First Here Is Our Projection Matrix Starting With 4 Lot Of Nifty (Margin Assumed 90,000/- Per Lot. Invest Approx. 4.8 Lakhs)(Remember, the margin changes as per Nifty)

First The Results So Far! We have started this plan on 1st April 2013 and thin 3 and half years only we have achieved our target of 2 crores.

Rules you must follow:

1) You will go on increasing lots only when RS. 1,50,000/- are accumulated in your account. This way you will not be investing more from your own pocket apart from initial investment. Besides every 3 month out of total profits only you will be reinvesting.

2) You will be taking position only when signal has come or as per our calls. You will strictly follow the trading system and no personal opinion should come in the way of our trading.

Warning : Like every trading system it can also give negative returns in 4-5 continuous trade , so its better that first mental preparation before taking your own heavy position.

Normal Trader always tries to avoid whipsaws and keep looking / trying to look for new system which do not have any whipsaws and in this process they looses more than half of their capital.

Pro Trader : They accept this fact and they treat this as legitimate thing in trading.

The fact is their is no system without whipsaws, only things which we have to look is Risk / Reward ratio.

Discipline and consistency is most required thing when we set goals for higher time frame . 2-3 years is very long time and during this time we will making more than 200 trades in EOD system.

Components of a successful trading approach (the trading system)-

1. Setup – The setup is taken care by the system.

2. Money management –No matter how good the setup is, each of them has got their own bad moments. No setup is 100% accurate. So Money management is very crucial. Avoid greed and panic. But if you stick to the trading system, then no worry.

3. Market condition – Our ‘HBC’ automatically adjusts to market conditions, intelligently.

4. Controlling emotions – You must be emotionally stable so that you are not tempted to trade anything else other than the setup. If you do, that will be called overtrading. Trading without a setup is termed as overtrading.


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