intraday trading system

We congratulate and thank our client from

Mumbai Mr. Manish Patankar. who is making

profits of 3-4 lakhs every month for last 2 years,

and who shared his secret setup of ‘ManTraders’

and kindly allowed us to share it with others!


In our ‘ManTraders’ Trading System

he uses following setup!

He uses MTAmaze indicator along with

Strength Indicator, One more indicator in

our MTMagic panel to get such results!



“ManTraders” With New

Trading System Scan, you can turn your

2 lakhs into 2 crores..

By Systematically

following our ‘Systematic Trading Plan’ just like our

‘Hum Banenge Crorepati Plan’

See this video

‘Acche Din Aaa Gaye…..!’

If You Are Making Losses In Trading
Then You Have 2 Choices
1. Quit Trading2. Use Options
Here Again 2 Choices
1. Use Tips and Make Losses Again2. Use ManTraders
Losses AgainProfits Only
1. Use Tips, Result - Losses Again


With ‘ManTraders’ You Can Earn

Daily 8,000/- and More Everyday

Day After Day!

Because we have now added

a very sophisticated trading system

scan called ‘MT Amaze’

which will really ‘AMAZE’ you with profits!

Almost Every Trade Successful!


But if,

you do not have time to trade intraday,

then also you can do positional trading

in options based on ‘MT Amaze’

This is done with following a special scan

which is built in the ‘ManTraders’ in EOD mode.

See Reliance EOD Chart Below.

With ‘ManTraders’ you can earn

Intraday Very Safely


Besides You Can Select CNXNifty

To Trade For ‘Hum Banenge Crorepati’ Plan!

See CNXNifty Daily Chart Here!

And it also scans for buying or selling

when the intraday trend changes!


 ‘ManTraders’ Nifty Positional (EOD) Chart

If you capture even 1600 points safely per year then you can

turn your 2 lakhs into 2 crores



See the matrix below…

Intrading trading system


You Can Achieve

The Same

Results Now With


By Spending Just 10 Minutes Everyday!

‘ManTraders’ Trend Magic trading system.

There is a decision band at the bottom!

When this band turns red, you have to sell, then when turns grey,

you can square up and when turns green, you can buy. it is as simple as that.


There are hundreds of websites and literally hundreds of trading systems

in the market, who with their huge marketing budgets to lure you.

(Of course with fake results!)

In this jungle we stand out,

with no marketing budget, but with a solid trading system!

That is our strength.

So coming back to your question …

Can You Rely On Stock Market ….

To Generate Regular Monthly Income ?

Yes…By Doing Following Things..


  1.    Selecting the right stock
  2.    Right entry and exit with trading system
  3.     Strict money management

With ‘ManTraders’ This Is Done…


Trend Band in ‘ManTraders’ is a combination of 7 indicators with very tricky parameters.


But let me first be frank with you!

This is a trading system. That means that you have to trade systematically

with the signals based on this system.

Yes! This system is based on Artificial Intelligence which is

way ahead of market. And we have the experience of using it

for last 10 years ourselves!

No system in India can give you such performance!


How You Can Use ManTrader To Generate Regular Monthly Income



Still In Doubt?
Well, that is why we are offering our ‘ManTraders’

at a teaser price!

The idea is that you start exploring the product with minimal risk!

Start trading with ManTrader!

In this period you will definitely get so much profits so that you

will be convinced that you can make regular, dependable,

monthly income and also make 4 million

in 2-3 years, if you follow our plan!

Underground secrets of the stock traders,

captured without their knowledge,

which no operator will reveal.

With this program you can turn your home computer

into a personal ATM and let other

people say you ‘insider’

So, in short with ‘ManTrader’

Your 3 purposes will be achieved!

  1. Selecting the right stock
  2. Right entry and exit with trading system
  3. Strict money management

Then Profits will be your habit, not exception!

See the pricing page for details!

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