intraday trading system


Newly Improved

“ManTraders Super”

With New

Trading Systems

Alerts & Scans!

‘Acche Din Aanewale Hai…..!’


With ‘ManTraders Super’, You Can Earn

Daily 9,000/- and More Everyday

Day After Day!

Because we have now added

a very sophisticated trading system

alert called ‘MT Amaze’

which will really ‘AMAZE’ you with profits!

Almost Every Trade Successful!


See Glimpse Of Results!

These are results reported by clients and who have taken position according to lot size!

DateScripBuy / SellQuantityPriceStopSquare UpProfit
17 Aug 18YesBankBuy1750384.70382.20391.70+ Rs. 12,250/-
16 Aug 18IbulHsgFinSell5001277.501287.501257.50+ Rs. 10,000/-
14 Aug 18BalKrisIndBuy800125512481285+ Rs. 24,000/-
13 Aug 18ApolloHospBuy500970956990+ Rs. 10,000/-
10 Aug 18ExideIndBuy4000284.60282.10289.60+ Rs. 20,000/-
9 Aug 18BankIndiaBuy600095.9094.8098.40+ Rs. 15,000/-
8 Aug 18M&MFinBuy1250494.30489.20502.30+ Rs. 10,000/-
7 Aug 18UjjivanSell1600394397.25384+ Rs. 16,000/-
6 Aug 18KSCLBuy1500598592.50606+ Rs. 12,000/-
3 Aug 18L&TFHBuy4500178176.90182+ Rs. 18,000/-
2 Aug 18BalKrisIndBuy800120311991240+ Rs. 29,600/-
1 Aug 18BataIndiaBuy1100914.90911.80927.90+ Rs. 14,300/-
31 July 18IdeaSell700056.2057.0054.70+ Rs. 10,500/-
30 July 18M&MBuy1000918914930+ Rs. 12,000/-
27 July 18TATAMTRDVRBuy2800144.40143.40148.40+ Rs. 11,200/-
26 July 18GranulesBuy500096.1095.0099.10+ Rs. 15,000/-
25 July 18SunTVSell1000773.90776.70763.90+ Rs. 10,000/-
24 July 18L&TFHBuy4500176.70175.30182.70+ Rs. 27,000/-
23 Jul 18AdaniPortsBuy2500374.30372.50379.30+ Rs. 12,500/-
20 July 18IndianBankSell2000321.40325312.40+ Rs. 18,000/-
19 Jul 18SunTVSell1000761.50770.40743.50+ Rs. 18,000/-
18 July 18BankIndiaSell600080.7081.9078.20+ Rs. 15,000/-
17 July 18LICHSGFINBuy1100496.80494512.80+Rs. 17,600/-
16 July 18JISLJALEQSSell900081.8082.9579.80+ Rs. 18,000/-
13 July 18BankBarodaSell4000116.50117.50114.50+ Rs. 8,000/-
12 July 18BajFinanceBuy500238023602420+ Rs. 20,000/-
11 July 18TCSBuy500193019101990+ Rs. 30,000/-
11 July 18BankIndiaSell600089.4090.2086.90+ Rs. 15,000/-
10 July 18HDFCBuy5001918.201911.601945.20+ Rs. 13,500/-
9 July 18YesBankBuy1750358.70356.70364.70+ Rs. 14,000/-
We released the 'Sure Profit' ebook and new version of 'ManTraders Super' on 9th July 2018.

But if,

you do not have time to trade intraday,

then also you can turn your

2 lakhs into 2 crores.. SYSTEMATICALLY…

But before I say something, watch the video to see how

you can turn your 2 lakhs to 2 crores in short time with confidence.

If you follow our ‘Systematic Trading Plan’

Then you can turn your 2 lakhs

into 2 crores systematically!

Not only positional,

But you can earn Intraday Very Safely


With ‘ManTraders’


Intraday Trades With Fail Safe Scan of ‘ManTraders’! This is a glimpse! We do not publish everyday results, But you can profit everyday!
Date Script In Futures Trade Entry Price Exit Price Lot Size Profit/Loss
24 Aug, 2017 CadilaHC Buy 468 485 1,600 Rs. 27,200
23 Aug, 2017 TechM Sell 438.20 431.20 1,100 Rs. 77,000
22 Aug, 2017 ApolloHosp Buy 1080 1100 500 Rs. 10,000
21 Aug, 2017 IOC Sell 427 417 1,500 Rs. 15,000
18 Aug, 2017 Ceat Sell 1730 1700 700 Rs. 30,000

With ‘ManTraders’ You Can Select Few Stocks

To Trade Intraday!

And it also pops up alerts

when a stock comes for buying or selling

when the intraday trend changes!


Just For Sample Here Is The Table Of

Successful Number Of Trades!


 Intraday Trades With Fail Safe Scan of ‘ManTraders’! This is a glimpse! You can profit everyday!
Date No. Of Future Selected Trades Came For Execution No. Of Successful Trades
22 Sep, 2017 10 3 3
21 sep, 2017 15 13 12
20 Seo, 2017 9 5 4
19 Sep, 2017 11 8 8
18 Sep, 2017 18 5 5

‘ManTraders’ Nifty Positional (EOD) Chart

If you capture even 1600 points safely per year then you can

turn your 2 lakhs into 2 crores



See the matrix below…

Intrading trading system

Since 1st Apr 2016 to 15th August 17

(16 months only)

Nifty with ‘ManTraders’ has given

more than 2400 points profits.

Irrespective of Brexit and Demonitization

Intraday trading application


If You Have Missed The

‘Hum Banenge Crorepati’ Plan

Then You Can Achieve

The Same

Results Now With


By Spending Just 10 Minutes Everyday!

and also watch the screenshots to know

how you can make daily 2000 to 3,000/- in intra day trading

‘ManTraders’ Client Profits In

‘IDEA’ with 15 Min Trend Also!

(If they have the time during market hours)

And moreover,

So whether market goes UP or DOWN

You Make Profits!

Here is the ‘PROOF’ of our ‘FOOLPROOF” system!


‘ManTraders’ Trend Magic trading system.

There is a decision band at the bottom!

When this band turns red, you have to sell, then when turns grey,

you can square up and when turns green, you can buy. it is as simple as that.



Everyday, you can make profits in other stocks also!

Just follow the signals and confirm with higher time frame.

There are hundreds of websites and literally hundreds of trading systems

in the market, who with their huge marketing budgets to lure you.

(Of course with fake results!)

In this jungle we stand out,

with no marketing budget, but with a solid trading system!

That is our strength.

So coming back to your question …

Can You Rely On Stock Market ….

To Generate Regular Monthly Income ?

You can find the answer, if you read the interviews of the

top traders across the world,

who make money consistently, every month, huge sums !

And if you read between the lines,

to understand the underground secret of

how they make it,

then you will find only 3 !

  1.    Selecting the right stock
  2.    Right entry and exit with trading system
  3.     Strict money management

And you can know now that if you can have all this with an

outstanding trading system at your disposal,

then you also can rely on stock trading as your

monthly source of income!

Everyday, hundreds of people are making money in stocks,

Daily 2000/-, 5,000/-, 10,000/-, …

Are you one of them?

Here is a chance to turn the tables …

From loser to winner, systematically …

Needed ?

Just your decision to follow the ‘ManTrader’

And its easy to use, like 1.. 2.. 3 ..


Secondly, by our innovation, we have added a ‘Trend Magic Decision Band’

in every scrip in ‘Trend Magic’ panel.

At he bottom of the panel, there is ‘Decision Trend Band’. When it turns green, you can buy the scrip and square up when it turns grey. Also when it turns red, you can sell the scrip and square up when it turns grey. Remember, there are many softwares in the market which give buy/sell signals. 90% of them do it on the basis of just some moving average or parabolic sar or supertrend.

Ours is totally different. Its a combination of 7 indicators with very tricky parameters.

Thirdly, our Decision Bands are so adaptive, you can use same for intraday trading also!

Most importantly

We have added scans and alerts for the tricks,

which we take in our workshops!

See what profits you could have got, without any hassles, in last 5 years!

With ‘Aflatoon Investment Scan’ In ‘ManTraders’

So, instead of investing in Mutual Fund and worrying,

You could have created your own MF with phenomenal profits…

With more than 150% profits every year blindly!

Figures Better Explain IT !!
Script Trade In Last 5 Years Average Of Profit Per Year
Nifty Future 30 210%
Bank Nifty Future 30 313%
Tata Motors 28 469%
Tata Steel 21 227%
Reliance 31 172%
Infosys 19 228%
ITC 28 319%
SBIN 28 255%

The result! Safe trades most of the times!

But let me first be frank with you!

This is a trading system. That means that you have to trade systematically

with the signals based on this system.

If you are looking for some ‘Holy Grail’ hoopla,

then look somewhere else.

But we guarantee, that if you trade with our system,

then no matter whatever be the market condition may be…

You will make huge profits every year!

That is the experience of thousands of our clients for last 10 years!

See what our esteemed client says …

Ashish Sathye
3:10 PM (5 minutes ago)

to me
Dear Mande Sir,

I would like to share my trading experience with you about the ManTrader software. Since, I have installed and started the software, all the trades I took are in absolute profits. Namely, Aurobindo Pharma, Colgate Palmolive, Hero Moto Corp, Bajaj Auto, Gail India, Reliance Capital, Union Bank of India. I just traded as per the signals given by the software and did nothing else.

Also the Buy Call given by the software on nifty spot on 7th April gave me 150 points and the sell call given on 17th April is still in profit.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly thank you for such amazing and easy to use software.

With warm regards.

27th Apr 2015

Yes! This system is based on Artificial Intelligence which is

way ahead of market. And we have the experience of using it

for last 10 years ourselves!

No system in India can give you such performance!

In fact, if you follow it correctly, then you can turn

your 2-3 lakhs into 4 million in 2-3 years time!

Many people have done it!

Why not you?

But first let me tell you some features

which you will not find anywhere else

and which decides whether

you will make profits like professionals or not!

Remember these scans and alerts help you

to select stocks based on very special

and intricate conditions, which almost guarantees profits !

(Scan means you run on the prices until now, and alerts means the system generates alerts

in a pop up window, while the market is running, for your decision to trade)

How You Can Use ManTrader To Generate Regular Monthly Income

You can generate regular monthly income using ‘ManTrader’. Many people are doing it successfully. I will give an example for a very tiny amount of getting 30,000/- p.m. with the capital of Rs. 90,000/- only. If you want more then you can increase the capital in that proportion.

The assumption here is that most of the broking firms are offering 10 times leverage to clients for intraday trading i.e. if they have 1 lakh capital, then they can trade up to 10 lakhs. Here I am not considering any brokerage as it varies, but you can have now discount brokers now who offer flat rs. 20/- as brokerage plus the taxes.

Now assume you want rs. 30,000/- p.m. There are 22-23 trading days in a month so you have to earn profit of at least about 1500/- per day. Not all days will be profitable. So we have to target for rs. 2500/- daily so that considering even 15 profitable days, we can achieve our objective. ( other 5-7 loss making days we assume around 1000/-). This is important. We have to be reasonable. Most people expect that everyday should be a profitable day. It does not happen in practice. Once you come to terms with this reality and asses the market objectively, then you you will find that there will be hardly 6-7 days in the market in a month where you make most of your profits. Every top trader knows that, only retail traders dismiss this fact. What the top traders do is that then let their profits run (which is called home run) on profitable days with trailing stops (they do not hurry to book profits early on a profitable trade) and on other days and other trades then just make money management. This is how they make millions regularly!

Our system will give you more than 70-80% success rate, but assuming only 60% success rate, if you can take 5 trades in a day then 3 trades will be profitable and 2 trades will be stop hitting trades, unless of course you are very very unlucky. If we restrict our losses to 1000/- per trade and allow to run the profits by trailing the stops for profitable trades, then you can easily earn more than 2500/- everyday.

With our scans and alerts even if you keep a simple discipline that when the overall market is positive then take only the signals which have given buy signal and when overall market is negative take the trades on the downside only. With this simple filter, you will observe that our system will give you more than 80% success rate with more than 20 chances everyday. You just have to choose 3-4 of these which you like.

You can divide your capital into 3 parts and keep not more than 3 open positions. So you generally take a trade of Rs. 3 lakhs each. When the first trade is exited, then only consider taking another new trade. If the first trades are going into good profits, then you need not worry. Keep adjusting the stops and you are done. In 3 lakhs you can trade a quantity of 600 for a scrip which is trading in the range of rs. 500/-. So you need just a 6-7 rupees move considering the brokerage to achieve your target.

This is quite possible. You just have to have discipline. And for such a scrip just keep a stop of Rs. 2/- so that you will not lose more than Rs. 1000/- in case a trade fails. With our scans and alerts, you get much more than that. You just have to experience it and give it a try for a year to convince yourself.

This is not just a paper calculation. Quite a few people are doing it in practice. You too can!


Still In Doubt?
Well, that is why we are offering our ‘ManTraders’

at a teaser price!

The idea is that you start exploring the product with minimal risk!

Start trading with ManTrader!

In this period you will definitely get so much profits so that you

will be convinced that you can make regular, dependable,

monthly income and also make 4 million

in 2-3 years, if you follow our plan!

Underground secrets of the stock traders,

captured without their knowledge,

which no operator will reveal.

With this program you can turn your home computer

into a personal ATM and let other

people say you ‘insider’

So, in short with ‘ManTrader’

Your 3 purposes will be achieved!

  1. Selecting the right stock
  2. Right entry and exit with trading system
  3. Strict money management

Then Profits will be your habit, not exception!


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