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“ManTraders Super”

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With ‘ManTraders Super’, You Can Earn

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Because we have now added

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scan called ‘MT Amaze’

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Almost Every Trade Successful!


See Glimpse Of Results!

These are results reported by clients and who have taken position in cash market but according to lot size!

Remember, we do not update results daily,

even though, everyday you get such results!

DateScripBuy / SellQuantityPriceStopSquare UpProfit
3 Oct 18VEDLBuy1750238.30236.30245.30+ Rs. 12,250/-
1 Oct 18HindalcoBuy3500237.30234.60243.30+ Rs. 21,000/-
27 Sep 18IbulHsgFinSell500966.50977.50936,50+ Rs. 15,000/-
26 Sep 18MothersumiSell1600258.30260.30248.30+ Rs. 16,000/-
25 Sep 18DLFSell2500177179169+ Rs. 20,000/-
24 Sep 18JustDialSell1400511.20515.20491.20+Rs. 28,000/-
18 Sep 18RelInfraSell1300374381344+ Rs. 39,000/-
17 Sep 18ManappuramSell600085.4086.1083.40+ Rs. 12,000/-
14 Sep 18MFSLBuy1200471463491+ Rs. 24,000/-
7 Sep 18AuroPharmaBuy1000783772.80818+ Rs. 35,000/-
6 Sep 18SunPharmaBuy1100669.30664679+ Rs. 10,670/-
5 Sep 18RelInfraBuy1300469.50461480.50+ Rs. 14,300/-
No trade reported
27 Aug 18NMDCBuy6000105.10104108.10+ Rs. 18,000/-
24 Aug 18BhelBuy750074.774.1079.70+ Rs. 37,500/-
23 Aug 18NBCCSell60007373.5071+ Rs. 12,000/-
21 Aug 18NIITBuy750135013401374+ Rs. 18,000/-
20 Aug 18AdaniEntBuy4000208.40206.80211.80+ Rs. 12,000/-
17 Aug 18YesBankBuy1750384.70382.20391.70+ Rs. 12,250/-
16 Aug 18IbulHsgFinSell5001277.501287.501257.50+ Rs. 10,000/-
14 Aug 18BalKrisIndBuy800125512481285+ Rs. 24,000/-
13 Aug 18ApolloHospBuy500970956990+ Rs. 10,000/-
10 Aug 18ExideIndBuy4000284.60282.10289.60+ Rs. 20,000/-
9 Aug 18BankIndiaBuy600095.9094.8098.40+ Rs. 15,000/-
8 Aug 18M&MFinBuy1250494.30489.20502.30+ Rs. 10,000/-
7 Aug 18UjjivanSell1600394397.25384+ Rs. 16,000/-
6 Aug 18KSCLBuy1500598592.50606+ Rs. 12,000/-
3 Aug 18L&TFHBuy4500178176.90182+ Rs. 18,000/-
2 Aug 18BalKrisIndBuy800120311991240+ Rs. 29,600/-
1 Aug 18BataIndiaBuy1100914.90911.80927.90+ Rs. 14,300/-
31 July 18IdeaSell700056.2057.0054.70+ Rs. 10,500/-
30 July 18M&MBuy1000918914930+ Rs. 12,000/-
27 July 18TATAMTRDVRBuy2800144.40143.40148.40+ Rs. 11,200/-
26 July 18GranulesBuy500096.1095.0099.10+ Rs. 15,000/-
25 July 18SunTVSell1000773.90776.70763.90+ Rs. 10,000/-
24 July 18L&TFHBuy4500176.70175.30182.70+ Rs. 27,000/-
23 Jul 18AdaniPortsBuy2500374.30372.50379.30+ Rs. 12,500/-
20 July 18IndianBankSell2000321.40325312.40+ Rs. 18,000/-
19 Jul 18SunTVSell1000761.50770.40743.50+ Rs. 18,000/-
18 July 18BankIndiaSell600080.7081.9078.20+ Rs. 15,000/-
17 July 18LICHSGFINBuy1100496.80494512.80+Rs. 17,600/-
16 July 18JISLJALEQSSell900081.8082.9579.80+ Rs. 18,000/-
13 July 18BankBarodaSell4000116.50117.50114.50+ Rs. 8,000/-
12 July 18BajFinanceBuy500238023602420+ Rs. 20,000/-
11 July 18TCSBuy500193019101990+ Rs. 30,000/-
11 July 18BankIndiaSell600089.4090.2086.90+ Rs. 15,000/-
10 July 18HDFCBuy5001918.201911.601945.20+ Rs. 13,500/-
9 July 18YesBankBuy1750358.70356.70364.70+ Rs. 14,000/-
We released the 'Sure Profit' ebook and new version of 'ManTraders Super' on 9th July 2018.

But if,

you do not have time to trade intraday,

then also you can do positional trading

in options based on ‘MT Amaze’

This is done with following a special scan

which is built in the ‘ManTraders’ in EOD mode.

For this we have specially designed

‘ManTraders EOD’

at very low price.


Besides this, you can turn your

2 lakhs into 2 crores..

By Systematically

following our ‘Systematic Trading Plan’ just like our ‘Hum Banenge Crorepati Plan’

See this video

Not only positional,

But you can earn Intraday Very Safely


With ‘ManTraders’

With ‘ManTraders’ You Can Select Few Stocks

To Trade Intraday!

And it also pops up alerts

when a stock comes for buying or selling

when the intraday trend changes!


 ‘ManTraders’ Nifty Positional (EOD) Chart

If you capture even 1600 points safely per year then you can

turn your 2 lakhs into 2 crores



See the matrix below…

Intrading trading system


You Can Achieve

The Same

Results Now With


By Spending Just 10 Minutes Everyday!

‘ManTraders’ Trend Magic trading system.

There is a decision band at the bottom!

When this band turns red, you have to sell, then when turns grey,

you can square up and when turns green, you can buy. it is as simple as that.


There are hundreds of websites and literally hundreds of trading systems

in the market, who with their huge marketing budgets to lure you.

(Of course with fake results!)

In this jungle we stand out,

with no marketing budget, but with a solid trading system!

That is our strength.

So coming back to your question …

Can You Rely On Stock Market ….

To Generate Regular Monthly Income ?

Yes…By Doing Following Things..


  1.    Selecting the right stock
  2.    Right entry and exit with trading system
  3.     Strict money management

With ‘ManTraders’ This Is Done…


Trend Band in ‘ManTraders’ is a combination of 7 indicators with very tricky parameters.


But let me first be frank with you!

This is a trading system. That means that you have to trade systematically

with the signals based on this system.

Yes! This system is based on Artificial Intelligence which is

way ahead of market. And we have the experience of using it

for last 10 years ourselves!

No system in India can give you such performance!


How You Can Use ManTrader To Generate Regular Monthly Income



Still In Doubt?
Well, that is why we are offering our ‘ManTraders’

at a teaser price!

The idea is that you start exploring the product with minimal risk!

Start trading with ManTrader!

In this period you will definitely get so much profits so that you

will be convinced that you can make regular, dependable,

monthly income and also make 4 million

in 2-3 years, if you follow our plan!

Underground secrets of the stock traders,

captured without their knowledge,

which no operator will reveal.

With this program you can turn your home computer

into a personal ATM and let other

people say you ‘insider’

So, in short with ‘ManTrader’

Your 3 purposes will be achieved!

  1. Selecting the right stock
  2. Right entry and exit with trading system
  3. Strict money management

Then Profits will be your habit, not exception!


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