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Nifty and BankNifty Weekly Options?

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We have developed a unique strategy by which even a layman

can earn daily by trading options!

Only condition is that he should know something about options!

Because this is not a course for teaching options

Neither it involves difficult terms like delta, gamma etc.

It is a very profitable trick document!

You can trade the current week option of the current strike price, AND

Still earn handsomely!

And of course, as you know,

You can double or triple or multiply your investment,

at least once a week!

Unbelievable, but TRUE!

Just one indicator, but a very special parameter and a special situation,

which very few can know!

But this situation comes practically everyday and

This gives you PROFITS!

Profits, beyond your imagination!

Once you know this, trading options will be child’s play!

Just like counting money with a counting machine!

We are not going to disclose this trick to everyone,

So call us before you pay!

The report is 32 pages in which barring 10 pages of general discussion,

there are in fact TWO tricks described with total 6 examples charts which is sufficient

to understand both the tricks.

One trick is exclusively for Nifty and BankNifty weekly options, which generally,

we suggest to trade after 12 p.m. and not before that time


One trick is exclusively for trading liquid stocks in the morning.

So its a double engine!

You earn in stocks in the morning between 9.25 to 10.30 and then devote your attention to

trading weekly options!

And Remember, Both these tricks are with utmost safety!

Rarely your stop will be hit. 


I can almost guarantee that at least once every week,

you can multiply

you investment in options!

Only problem for you will be, That for very large quantity say like 

3,000 or 5,000 or 10,000 quantity on one account,

you need a solid heart and the guts to trade

Big amounts! I say because even though

each of our client multiplies every week,

when we surveyed them,

everybody unanimously said that,

they are afraid to take that large position!

Its psychology, But what stops you to earn lakhs every week?

They are doing and you too can!

So why wait?

Get that report before we stop giving it!


For ‘Weekly Option Trick’ Ebook, You pay only 2,900/-

Make Google Pay Payment on 9922065760


You can  deposit in the following account.

After depositing kindly send the email to vdmande@gmail.com 

giving the details of payment and your name and address.

Upon confirming the payment we will send the download links.

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Account Name Vasant Dattatray Mande
Saving Account No. 624001558527
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Bhandarkar Road, Pune,

Branch Code – 6240

His Phone Number 9922065760

We pray Swami swaroopanand that each person who gets this trick should earn millions!